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Install older Android SDK Version

For a Titanium project I recently needed to install an older version of the Android SDK tools (build tools API 24) to build an old project. Find the path to sdkmanager and then run this command:

Appcelerator Titanium Starting an Intent/Activity Not Firing

If you’re a user of intents with Android and Appcelerator’s Titanium product, you may have instances where your intents don’t fire as you expect. A lot of sample code around the web for starting intents looks something like this:

The problem with arises when sometimes Ti.Android.currentActivity doesn’t correctly hold the current activity. When you then attempt to start an…

Android Install Older Version of Build Tools

If you need to install an older version of Android’s build tools, you can do so using the below. Search for the SDK version you want:

Which will then give you an indexed list of SDKs:

and then you can install a specific package with the ID:

This blog post helped to discover the way to accomplish…

Appcelerator Titanium – Set Build Tools Version

If you have a newer version of build tools and need to fix the version currently in use, you can set the following:


Inspecting SQLite Databases in Appcelerator Titanium Projects

If you’re using SQLite for your project and you’d like to query the database directly. For Android based devices or emulators, you can do the following: You’ll need to remember your database name, if you’re using commonJS, you can do something similar to:

Next, find out what devices you have connected using adb:

This will return a list…

Fix: Titanium & GenyMotion Player Not Found

In the recent update of GenyMotion (Android Emulator) there’s a change which breaks its compatibility with Titanium Studio. You’ll need to open Terminal and create a symlink to fix it, start by opening Terminal and running:

and then type:

Shut Titanium Studio and GenyMotion both down and then restart Titanium Studio and it should work as usual after…