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Easy Screen Capture on macOS with Giphy Capture

I recently asked on Twitter on what people used for screen capturing. I actually wanted terminal recording to highlight some commands being ran for a talk about serverless. I then came across the brilliant Giphy Capture app and it’s so simple to use and produces perfect results every time. If you need to record your screen for whatever reason on…

Thoughts about Mastodon

I’ve seen quite a few people posting to Twitter recently that they’ve tried or are actively trying out Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. This gave me the chance to actually have a few good conversations on the subject and I decided to note down some observations from what I’ve seen. I’m going to preface this and expect that you…

Freeze – A Mac Client for Amazon Glacier

I tested a couple of recommendations for AWS’s Glacier and settled upon ‘Freeze‘. It’s reasonably priced, great to use and has every feature you’ll need.

Pushing Ottomatik Webhooks to Slack via Apache IBM Cloud Functions OpenWhisk

The backup service Ottomatik implemented webhooks last year (at my request, ha!) to send success or failure payloads to a URL of your choice. As Ottomatik doesn’t yet provide a Slack integration. Most teams around the world use Slack to pipe notifications into their channels and it’s a pretty good way of doing things. You’re going to need to set…

Ubuntu Zesty Fails to ‘apt-get update’

Ubuntu Zesty no longer is a supported version of Ubuntu, you’ll need to update apt/sources.list to this:

Run apt-get clean all after updating that file and you’ll be able to upgrade as normal.

HQ Trivia Adding Answering with Friends

I noticed when taking a look at HQ Trivia’s traffic, they look to be adding support for answering with friends:   The variables ‘maxAnswerSharingQuestions’, ‘maxFriendsAnswersPerChoice’ and ‘maxFriendAnswersPerQuestion’ are all recent additions. I’d guess that they are going to add support for answering questions together with friends.

Clear Bash History

Quick way to clear bash/shell history:


Deleting Immutable Files on Linux

If you have a file such as php-fpm.cgi that won’t delete no matter what you try, it’s likely immutable. You can remove the immature flag using:


Easier Git Aliases

I recently came across the git-legit project which creates a few easier to understand aliases for newcomers to Git. Head over to to read and install.

Install older Android SDK Version

For a Titanium project I recently needed to install an older version of the Android SDK tools (build tools API 24) to build an old project. Find the path to sdkmanager and then run this command: