Quickly Start New Projects From Git Repo

Found this piece of code a while ago which is useful if you want to start projects from a skeleton repo or similar starting point.



Earlier this week I discovered a fantastic project called ArtMoney. There’s a chain of hotels which will allow people to stay and pay using an original work of art. I’m sure there is stipulations and criteria that are in place but the premise is fantastic.

MacOS Sierra Asking for SSH Passphrase

There’s a recent change in the handling of SSH keys in MacOS Sierra that means you need to enter your passphrase each time a key is required. There’s an open Radar issue about it and it’s intended behaviour now.

You can work around it by implementing one of the solutions at the links below, I personally went with adding:

into my .zshrc file and that solved it for me (or .bash_rc if you use bash).

More information and solutions can be found at:

Use nano in Docker containers

If for some reason you find yourself needing to use nano in a Docker container, you can set the terminal type and then you’ll be able to use it. Say for example you ran bash with the exec command, you can then run:

and it’ll allow you to use the terminal as normal for nano/clear etc.

Vagrant SSL Error Fix

Minor issue this morning where Vagrant wouldn’t fetch a box completely, turns out that the local cache looked corrupted and you would get this error:

you can force it to refetch entirely, by using the command:

then run your vagrant up as usual and it should work.