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Tag: linux

Ubuntu Zesty Fails to ‘apt-get update’

Ubuntu Zesty no longer is a supported version of Ubuntu, you’ll need to update apt/sources.list to this:

Run apt-get clean all after updating that file and you’ll be able to upgrade as normal.

Clear Bash History

Quick way to clear bash/shell history:


Deleting Immutable Files on Linux

If you have a file such as php-fpm.cgi that won’t delete no matter what you try, it’s likely immutable. You can remove the immature flag using:


Set keyfile to use for SFTP

If you want to specify the keyfile used for an SFTP connection, you can use the following:


Clone a git repo using a specific SSH private key

If you wish to clone a repo using a set private key, you can use the following syntax to do just that and it won’t add the private key to your usual SSH settings:


Linux Server: Send Email on File Change

This script will send an email when a file changes in the given path. Can’t remember where I picked this up from but it’s useful to have when you need to debug something that writes files.


Making Local Development Faster with Caches for NPM & Composer (Part Two: Composer)

If you’re a heavy PHP user, you’ll most likely be using quite a bit during your development cycles. A quick win in speeding this up is using a local cache for Packagist which means you’re only downloading across your local network instead of across the Internet. You can run a local toran proxy instance by running this command:

Virtualmin Migrated Site Error ‘AuthGroupFile’

I noticed with the Virtualmin export feature that the Apache htpasswd sometimes doesn’t carry through when you import the package, you’ll end up with an error similar to this:

To fix this error, you’ll need to enable the authz_groupfile module, for example on Ubuntu, you can use this command:

Restart Apache and it’ll start working as usual again.

Recursive FTP Get with wget

Pretty useful for downloading everything in an FTP account: