Linux Server: Send Email on File Change

This script will send an email when a file changes in the given path. Can’t remember where I picked this up from but it’s useful to have when you need to debug something that writes files.


Making Local Development Faster with Caches for NPM & Composer (Part Two: Composer)

If you’re a heavy PHP user, you’ll most likely be using quite a bit during your development cycles. A quick win in speeding this up is using a local cache for Packagist which means you’re only downloading across your local network instead of across the Internet.

You can run a local toran proxy instance by running this command:

We can break this down a little bit. The volume mount means that we have persistence with our cache and settings. We use port 82 and the hostname of toran.local. This means that we can add the following the to our projects composer.json:

Your local composer will now begin to use your toran proxy instance. You can read more information about the Docker image used here over at the Github repo or on the Docker hub page.



You can read the first part of this series detailing an NPM cache here.


Virtualmin Migrated Site Error ‘AuthGroupFile’

I noticed with the Virtualmin export feature that the Apache htpasswd sometimes doesn’t carry through when you import the package, you’ll end up with an error similar to this:

To fix this error, you’ll need to enable the authz_groupfile module, for example on Ubuntu, you can use this command:

Restart Apache and it’ll start working as usual again.

Recursive FTP Get with wget

Pretty useful for downloading everything in an FTP account: