What is a Wharf?

Butlers Wharf, London

When I went to visit Last.fm in
London last year I took some time to wander around the City as I do most times
I’m in London. This particular time I decided to take one of the
riverboats down to Greenwich – for a long time now, Greenwich has been
one of my favourite places in and around London. While I was on the riverboat
the tour guide was discussing local points of interest which they have done many
times before. However, this time he pointed out a sign which said Wharf above a
new apartment block. After then asking all of the people on the riverboat if they
knew the meaning of the word wharf non did. Up to that point in my life even I
hadn’t questioned what the meaning of it was.

As it was explained to us, a wharf is a Ware House At River Front. During the
late 1800s this were prevalent all along the Thames and most other waterside