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Tag: security

Apache Set Server Tokens Off

MET Police Using Indian Hacking Agency

[email protected] used an Indian agency to hack activists and journalists in UK – then shredded the evidence. Just wow. — Matthew Butcher (@matthew1butcher) March 21, 2017

Clone a git repo using a specific SSH private key

If you wish to clone a repo using a set private key, you can use the following syntax to do just that and it won’t add the private key to your usual SSH settings:


Generating Public & Private Keys Using PHPSECLIB

A few tasks that I’ve been working on this weekend have needed public/private key pairs. The very useful phpseclib library provides the tools that you need to generate these within your application.


Searching the Internet for Devices

This is a pretty nifty service I come across a few days ago. It’s called Shodan and searches then indexes internet connected devices around the world.

Jigsaw, by Google

Quite an interesting new project by Google. Helping victims survive digital attacks. You can find out more at

bcrypt Passwords for WordPress

Great development from the Roots team to make WordPress use bcrypt for it’s password hashing. You can read more on their blog post here.