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Tag: php

Laravel Validation Rules

I’ve noticed over the past few months my usage of the Laravel validation engine has increased a lot. I’ve even used it in some non-Laravel applications just because I’m a fan of the interface. I had the idea of sharing some of the validation rules with the community but there wasn’t too many people doing the same. I created a…

Magento 2 Interceptors

A colleague at work told me about the way you can use interceptors in Magento 2 to wrap up before/after functionality of existing classes. This is a pretty good overview of how that works written by Jisse Reitsma.

Magento SQL Profiler

I’d seen a tweet to Ben Marks this week which detailed an SQL profiler for Magento 1.

Magento 2 Glossary

Check #magento2 glossary – and give us feedback. — Max (@maksek_ua) March 19, 2017

AWS Updates Quickstart for Magento 2

Try out our updated Quick Start for Magento 2.1.5 on the AWS Cloud – with Amazon EFS & Amazon ElastiCache! — Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) March 20, 2017

Quick Way of Remembering PHP Needle/Haystack Order

Friendly reminder → in PHP, string functions are haystack/needle, array functions are needle/haystack (except array_filter). — assertchris (@assertchris) March 21, 2017

Generating Public & Private Keys Using PHPSECLIB

A few tasks that I’ve been working on this weekend have needed public/private key pairs. The very useful phpseclib library provides the tools that you need to generate these within your application.


Using UUIDs in Laravel Projects

There’s a good article on using UUIDs instead on integer IDs on on Medium by Steve Azzopardi. Head over to “Setting up UUIDs in Laravel” on Medium.