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Tag: php

Pushing Ottomatik Webhooks to Slack via Apache IBM Cloud Functions OpenWhisk

The backup service Ottomatik implemented webhooks last year (at my request, ha!) to send success or failure payloads to a URL of your choice. As Ottomatik doesn’t yet provide a Slack integration. Most teams around the world use Slack to pipe notifications into their channels and it’s a pretty good way of doing things. You’re going to need to set…

Laravel Validation Rules

I’ve noticed over the past few months my usage of the Laravel validation engine has increased a lot. I’ve even used it in some non-Laravel applications just because I’m a fan of the interface. I had the idea of sharing some of the validation rules with the community but there wasn’t too many people doing the same. I created a…

Magento 2 Interceptors

A colleague at work told me about the way you can use interceptors in Magento 2 to wrap up before/after functionality of existing classes. This is a pretty good overview of how that works written by Jisse Reitsma.

Magento SQL Profiler

I’d seen a tweet to Ben Marks this week which detailed an SQL profiler for Magento 1.

Magento 2 Glossary

Check #magento2 glossary – and give us feedback. — Max (@maksek_ua) March 19, 2017

AWS Updates Quickstart for Magento 2

Try out our updated Quick Start for Magento 2.1.5 on the AWS Cloud – with Amazon EFS & Amazon ElastiCache! — Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) March 20, 2017

Quick Way of Remembering PHP Needle/Haystack Order

Friendly reminder → in PHP, string functions are haystack/needle, array functions are needle/haystack (except array_filter). — assertchris (@assertchris) March 21, 2017

Generating Public & Private Keys Using PHPSECLIB

A few tasks that I’ve been working on this weekend have needed public/private key pairs. The very useful phpseclib library provides the tools that you need to generate these within your application.