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Tag: osx

Install older Android SDK Version

For a Titanium project I recently needed to install an older version of the Android SDK tools (build tools API 24) to build an old project. Find the path to sdkmanager and then run this command:

Restore Telnet in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Telnet has been removed from Mac OS High Sierra, but can still be useful for developers to check ports are open etc. If you need to enable it, you can do so with Homebrew:

Update (10/10/17): I received an email from¬†David Waitzman in which he notes you can get telnet from an old Time Machine backup and then copy…

Base64 Encode & Decode on OSX

On OSX you can quickly base64 encode:

and decode files:

Quickly Generate SSL Key & CSR

Quickly generate a new SSH keypair and then a CSR:


Chrome Casting Audio from Mac OSX

If you’re a Mac OSX user and would like to send your audio over to a Chromecast device (ie, playing iTunes or Spotify) then there’s a fantastic project called soundcast which will allow you to do just that. You can find the project over on Github at

Export Files from iTunes Playlist

Handy tip: You can drag/drop files from an #iTunes playlist into a mount device on OSX. Useful for portable devices. #osx #mac — Scott Wilcox (@ssx) May 8, 2016

MacOS Sierra Asking for SSH Passphrase

There’s a recent change in the handling of SSH keys in MacOS Sierra that means you need to enter your passphrase each time a key is required. There’s an open Radar issue about it and it’s intended behaviour now. You can work around it by implementing one of the solutions at the links below, I personally went with adding: