Restore Telnet in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Telnet has been removed from Mac OS High Sierra, if you need to enable it, you can do so with Homebrew:


Android Install Older Version of Build Tools

If you need to install an older version of Android’s build tools, you can do so using the below. Search for the SDK version you want:

Which will then give you an indexed list of SDKs:

and then you can install a specific package with the ID:

This blog post helped to discover the way to accomplish this.

MacOS Sierra Asking for SSH Passphrase

There’s a recent change in the handling of SSH keys in MacOS Sierra that means you need to enter your passphrase each time a key is required. There’s an open Radar issue about it and it’s intended behaviour now.

You can work around it by implementing one of the solutions at the links below, I personally went with adding:

into my .zshrc file and that solved it for me (or .bash_rc if you use bash).

More information and solutions can be found at: