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Laravel Validation Rules

I’ve noticed over the past few months my usage of the Laravel validation engine has increased a lot. I’ve even used it in some non-Laravel applications just because I’m a fan of the interface. I had the idea of sharing some of the validation rules with the community but there wasn’t too many people doing the same. I created a…

Auto Deploy Docs to Laravel Forge

If you use to generate documentation and Laravel Forge, you can set up auto deployment and publishing quite easily. Setup the site in Forge, making sure you have a composer.json and an empty public directory in your repo. You can then use this deploy script to build, move and publish your changes automatically after you’ve added a webhook too:

Using UUIDs in Laravel Projects

There’s a good article on using UUIDs instead on integer IDs on on Medium by Steve Azzopardi. Head over to “Setting up UUIDs in Laravel” on Medium.

Ticketing Alternative to Eventbrite

If you’re looking for an alternative system for ticketing, I ran across this self hosted clone of Eventbrite called Attendize. Seems to be Laravel based and looks reasonably nice too.

Laravel & Lumen: Return Correct Error Responses for Requests

I’ve seen a few pieces of API code dotted around the web recently where people have written simple JSON APIs but their error handling still returns HTML instead of JSON for 404 errors and the likes. This is pretty simple to solve with Laravel or Lumen and easily testable too. The cleanest way I’ve seen of handling this was written…

Anbu: Laravel Profiling Tool

If you’re a Laravel user and you’ve been looking for something to profile your application, try Anbu. It’s created by a friend, Dayle Rees and is currently in early beta but would be great for you to try and help out testing.

Laravel Blade Stacks

One thing that I often forget about is a nice feature in Laravel that allows you to push scripts or other blocks of code into another part of your templates, so for example:

You can do this multiple times and each one will be pushed on to the stack, when you’re ready to dump and display them, you can…