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Tag: git

Easier Git Aliases

I recently came across the git-legit project which creates a few easier to understand aliases for newcomers to Git. Head over to to read and install.

Github – Hide Files from Commit Diffs

This is a really nice tip for tidying up git diff‘s on Github (I think it’ll work for Gitlab etc too), you can add the following line to .gitattributes file:

and this will hide all files in the dist/ directory from the commit diff.

Git Tip: Display Contributions per User

You can use the following to display committer name and their contribution counts:

Quickly Start New Projects From Git Repo

Found this piece of code a while ago which is useful if you want to start projects from a skeleton repo or similar starting point.


Add a Git alias to List Git Aliases


Clone a git repo using a specific SSH private key

If you wish to clone a repo using a set private key, you can use the following syntax to do just that and it won’t add the private key to your usual SSH settings:


Embed Github files Gist Style

If you’ve ever wanted to embed a Github file into your site, in the same style that Gist does, there’s a decent app over at that will do just that.