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HQ Trivia Adding Answering with Friends

I noticed when taking a look at HQ Trivia’s traffic, they look to be adding support for answering with friends:   The variables ‘maxAnswerSharingQuestions’, ‘maxFriendsAnswersPerChoice’ and ‘maxFriendAnswersPerQuestion’ are all recent additions. I’d guess that they are going to add support for answering questions together with friends.

Laravel & Lumen: Return Correct Error Responses for Requests

I’ve seen a few pieces of API code dotted around the web recently where people have written simple JSON APIs but their error handling still returns HTML instead of JSON for 404 errors and the likes. This is pretty simple to solve with Laravel or Lumen and easily testable too. The cleanest way I’ve seen of handling this was written…

Twitter API Oauth Update Status

This PHP script will post an update to Twitter using OAuth. You can download the complete script and library here. The Actual Script 1 &nbsp Running the Script &nbsp The End Product &nbsp