State of – December 2014

It’s been quite a few months for the project. The original plan was to rewrite the user facing side of the service. Instead of just this, the entire platform was rewritten. The API’s that power the publishing of updates and collection of user data were rewritten from the ground up.

The site and APIs have also been moved over the new servers and architecture and now are loadbalanced which allows around 10,000 connections a second – this will mean you should no longer get timeouts on Sundays and more updates can be sent.

You will now have one account that you can add connections to. This includes support for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, AppDotNet and more to come. Each one of these services can be independently configured.

This has enabled me to begin work on developing iOS and Android apps that can interact with the service. This includes managing your account and posting new updates from your phone.

There will be two versions of the app. The free version will allow premium users to manage their account and post updates across any of their linked accounts. There will also be a low cost ($0.99/£0.69) version which allows you to create updates on your phone – independent of the service.

The people who donated earlier this year will receive a free upgrade to a premium account on the new platform and will be able to use the free version of the app. So that you’re aware, enough was raised earlier this year for about two weeks work on the service and platform.

If you’re interested in beta testing the new iOS app then please complete this the form at and I’ll add you to the list.

The launch date for both the new apps and website is going be 11th January 2015. This is due to a few things that still need ironing out with the frontend of the website – although the apps may land in the app store before this date.

I’m still looking for sponsors/advertisers for the site as well, if you’re interested please contact I’ve also been considering using crowdfunding. If you would be willing to participate in crowdfunding more development of, then please post in the comments and I’ll see how much reaction there is and whether to set something up.