This page is currently in progress of being written but there are some services and software that I’d recommend others to use.

Travel & Accommodation

If you’re travelling anywhere around the world I wholeheartedly recommend the fantastic who have the best customer service bar none. Use this link to get £15 credited to both of our accounts.

If you’re travelling in a supported city, I’ve found Uber to be safe, reliable and good value for money.


For your Version Control Software (VCS) needs, I’d recommend Git and for your hosted needs, Github.

My daily editor is Jetbrains PHP Storm which has too many features to list but is rock-solid.

For making/inspecting HTTP requests - nothing beats Paw on a Mac.

The browser I’m still sticking with is Google Chrome which has fantastic dev tools. I’ve toyed with Firefox and their developer edition but for me, Chrome was still just ahead.

Homebrew Packages

I use Homebrew on each Mac I use and would highly recommend all of the following packages:

tree, htop, exa, mkcert, youtube-dl, bat, git-quick-stats, diff-so-fancy, ripgrep, multitail & faas-cli.


I tend to stick mostly to Apple hardware purely down to the reliable nature of the hardware. Throughout the years I’ve owned many Apple devices and they are just solid. I spent enough time fixing machines, servers and devices through the day - so the last thing I want is to have to be fixing my own.