Goals for 2019

Each year I usually write myself a set of goals that I’d like to aim for the
next year. I think a lot of people try and set new year resolutions but I never
felt too compelled to do that (or to keep at them).

  • Finish financial changes
  • Lose weight and go back down two waist sizes
  • Read at least 14 books over the calendar year
  • See a sunrise/sunset with my partner
  • Learn and heavily integrate a new tech, either Vue or React.
  • Go to two music concerts (George Ezra booked for March)
  • Launch a new SaaS app
  • Two full (at least 10 day) vacations
  • Hip replacement and recovery

I think these are all hopefully achievable and within my control (apart from
hip replacement but my doctors and surgeon is fairly certain that’ll be very
early 2019).

I’ll come back through the year and update this list and mark each item