Kuala Lumpur Makes Internet Access a Requirement for Food and Drink Outlets

A lot of things get my attention in the news now-a-days but a piece from Kuala Lumpur impressed me. A new law has been passed in Kuala Lumpur that stipulates food and drink outlets must now provide free wireless internet in order to be granted or to renew a license to operate. I think this is a fantastic step from the local government as Internet access has been a must have for most people in recent years.

Here in the UK, we’re often lucky that most popular coffee houses such as Starbucks or Costa Coffee and food outlets such as McDonalds have long provided free WiFi. Starbucks do it in a very interesting way and effectively allow members of their reward scheme to have free Internet access whereas non-members have to use BT OpenZone. Registration is free, so there is no reason for you not to sign up and its a valuable marketing tool for Starbucks.