How to Exclude IP Address(es) from Google Analytics

Google Analytics

If you’re like most developers and you need to exclude yourself from showing in a Google Analytics profile, then you can set your IP address in the exclude list so that you don’t skew your analytics.

To do so, login to Google Analytics, select the account your wish to edit and then click the Admin tab.

  1. Login to Analytics
  2. Select Admin
  3. Select the Account that you wish to edit
  4. Click ‘All Filters’
  5. Click ‘New Filter’
  6. Enter name ‘Filter my IP’
  7. Select Exclude, then ‘Traffic from the IP Addresses’, then ‘that are equal to’ and enter your IP address in the boxes provided.
  8. Select the views you wish to apply this to and then click ‘Add’.
  9. Once finished, click ‘Save’.