Scott Robinson

I heard it’s pretty cool to talk about yourself in the third person when writing these pages. Only joking - however I’m currently in the process of writing a new about page that will better give a reflection of who I am as a developer and a person now.

For now, there is a page about Perthes which is a condition I suffer with and various contact methods listed in the menu.

Around the web

You can find me on Github as @ssx and on Twitter as @ssxio. There are a few other methods of contact but those are your best bets if you need a reply quickly.

Thank You

The layout and design from this site were taken from Tim MacDonald’s website. I’d asked Tim if he would consider putting the skeleton project online and he agreed (because he’s a very kind guy). I added tag support into the project so I could keep most of the original Wordpress structure for now. I’ll slow migrate pages to the new permalink format.

In between around 2014 and 2017 I went through a few challenging events in life and there were a few people who really stuck around at this time - they gave good advice when I needed it, distracted me when I needed that and were just generally amazing people. I laughed with them, got upset in front of some of them and owe them more thanks than I could ever write in a note here.

I will probably miss some out, but the ones that always come to mind are Frank de Jonge, Jeroen van der Gulik, Aisha Sie, Matt Stauffer, Graham Hoefer and there’s plenty of others like Michelle, Simon, Chris T, Ilse & Gabi.

Thank you.