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All About Google’s AMP

This is a really good overview of Google’s AMP project and how it came to be. Breaking down AMP—the format, rules, and cache—from @adactio. — A Book Apart (@abookapart) March 23, 2017

Magento 2 Glossary

Check #magento2 glossary – and give us feedback. — Max (@maksek_ua) March 19, 2017

AWS Updates Quickstart for Magento 2

Try out our updated Quick Start for Magento 2.1.5 on the AWS Cloud – with Amazon EFS & Amazon ElastiCache! — Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) March 20, 2017

MET Police Using Indian Hacking Agency

[email protected] used an Indian agency to hack activists and journalists in UK – then shredded the evidence. Just wow. — Matthew Butcher (@matthew1butcher) March 21, 2017

Quick Way of Remembering PHP Needle/Haystack Order

Friendly reminder → in PHP, string functions are haystack/needle, array functions are needle/haystack (except array_filter). — assertchris (@assertchris) March 21, 2017

Magento 2 Slow During Development

If you’ve been complaining about M2 being slow during development: read this! Awesome summary! — Anna Völkl (@rescueAnn) March 19, 2017

Export Files from iTunes Playlist

Handy tip: You can drag/drop files from an #iTunes playlist into a mount device on OSX. Useful for portable devices. #osx #mac — Scott Wilcox (@ssx) May 8, 2016