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Github – Hide Files from Commit Diffs

This is a really nice tip for tidying up git diff‘s on Github (I think it’ll work for Gitlab etc too), you can add the following line to .gitattributes file:

and this will hide all files in the dist/ directory from the commit diff.

Magento 2 Interceptors

A colleague at work told me about the way you can use interceptors in Magento 2 to wrap up before/after functionality of existing classes. This is a pretty good overview of how that works written by Jisse Reitsma.

Zapier’s CLI Tool for Creating Zaps

This is a pretty neat new feature from Zapier to allow developers to build the little modules that connect apps together. They’ve released a CLI tool which will scaffold an app. You can take a look over on their developer blog in this post.

Magento SQL Profiler

I’d seen a tweet to Ben Marks this week which detailed an SQL profiler for Magento 1.

How Tube Stations Got Their Name

Pretty interesting post on how some of the more obscurely named stations got their names.

Uber President Quits

Leaving after deciding current events are too much to handle.