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LaFonera as a Wifi Bridge/Repeater

This is a screenshot of the bandwidth usage for the Fonera router I flashed last week. Everything seems to be working fine. A couple of PDF documents that I found useful can be downloaded here and here. Auto-Tweeting

This has been moved to as I’ve rewritten and redeveloped the tweekly system. Also, there is a Facebook version here at I’ve just finished the beta of my autotweeting statistics system. It’ll take your top artists and publish them to Twitter on a day of your choosing.You can sign up for the beta here. If you…

Hacking a Fonera Router

A few people have asked about more details for the wireless bridge I’ve set up within my local network. You can find more information about it here. Its a pretty simple process and you end up with a router running DDWRT. I’ve got it set up to bridge the ethernet port into the main wireless network here.

The Year of 1582

Switch your calendar to October 1582 and take a look – you’ll see something resembling the above image. There is a simple explanation for this though. In the year of 1582 the Pope decided that to correct the accumulation of time over the year they would remove the period of time from 5th October to 14th October to compensate. Pope…

Interesting Facebook Debug Console

Not too sure if I’m supposed to see this. To view this, goto Facebook Lite, and scroll to the footer, right most link (looks like an asterisk). You can see larger versions here and here. Update, this only seems to be visible at

Google Latitude API Non-Existance

I’ve just written a request for more information from Google as I’m astounded to find no accessible API for Latitude. I find that completely shocking on their part. I’ve looked on the AppSpot site and here in the group and I’ve not seen a definitive answer as such to this question. Is there an accessible API to update my location on Latitude?…