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Quick Way to Set Telegram Webhook

I needed a small tool recently to set Telegram webhooks quickly over a few projects. You usually just run a curl command to do this but the format is something you have to remember – this is a lot simpler. Just head over to to use it. If you’d like to verify the source or contribute then you can find…

Docker Based Torrent Client

Easy way to run rtorrent in Docker is using Docktorrent like this:


Writing a Better

A while ago I remember seeing a tweet from Ryan Florence about docuemntation: I think the biggest mistake we all make in docs and tutorials: Not explaining *first* what the goal, or use-case, or desired result is. — Ryan Florence @ 🐙🤖 (@ryanflorence) June 19, 2017 Last week I’d seen that Kent C Dodds had a further point on it,…

Magento Redirection after Store URL Changed

I recently ran into an issue where a Magento site that had been duplicated for development kept redirecting to the original site URL. Turned out that the culprit was a setting called SSL_OFFLOADED which needed to be turned off.

Tip: Telephone Preference Service

If you’re in the UK, you can easily stop a lot of marketing calls by signing up for the Telephone Preference Service. It’s extremely simple to do, send a text message to 85095 with ‘TPS” – don’t forget to remove the quotes and add your email address in. You can find full instructions over on the TPS website.

Restore Telnet in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Telnet has been removed from Mac OS High Sierra, but can still be useful for developers to check ports are open etc. If you need to enable it, you can do so with Homebrew:

Update (10/10/17): I received an email from David Waitzman in which he notes you can get telnet from an old Time Machine backup and then copy…

Use –net-alias in Docker for Easy Round Robin Load Balancing

Something I picked up on a few days ago was using Docker’s –net-alias command (or docker-compose equivalent) for cheap and easy round robin load balancing. For example, start two elasticsearch containers with –net-alias search and from within the network, using the ‘search’ as the DNS name for connecting, you’d get 1 of the 2 servers at random.

Tool to Create Mastodon OAuth2 Applications in Your Browser

At the moment, there isn’t a user friendly way of setting up new OAuth2 applications for use with Mastodon. You need to make an API request to do so. To help, I’ve written a small tool which allows you to do this securely in your browser. You can use the tool at or you can grab the source yourself…