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Tip: Telephone Preference Service

If you’re in the UK, you can easily stop a lot of marketing calls by signing up for the Telephone Preference Service. It’s extremely simple to do, send a text message to 85095 with ‘TPS [email protected]” – don’t forget to remove the quotes and add your email address in. You can find full instructions over on the TPS website.

Restore Telnet in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Telnet has been removed from Mac OS High Sierra, but can still be useful for developers to check ports are open etc. If you need to enable it, you can do so with Homebrew:

Update (10/10/17): I received an email from David Waitzman in which he notes you can get telnet from an old Time Machine backup and then copy…

Use –net-alias in Docker for Easy Round Robin Load Balancing

Something I picked up on a few days ago was using Docker’s –net-alias command (or docker-compose equivalent) for cheap and easy round robin load balancing. For example, start two elasticsearch containers with –net-alias search and from within the network, using the ‘search’ as the DNS name for connecting, you’d get 1 of the 2 servers at random.

Tool to Create Mastodon OAuth2 Applications in Your Browser

At the moment, there isn’t a user friendly way of setting up new OAuth2 applications for use with Mastodon. You need to make an API request to do so. To help, I’ve written a small tool which allows you to do this securely in your browser. You can use the tool at or you can grab the source yourself…

Github – Hide Files from Commit Diffs

This is a really nice tip for tidying up git diff‘s on Github (I think it’ll work for Gitlab etc too), you can add the following line to .gitattributes file:

and this will hide all files in the dist/ directory from the commit diff.

Appcelerator Titanium Starting an Intent/Activity Not Firing

If you’re a user of intents with Android and Appcelerator’s Titanium product, you may have instances where your intents don’t fire as you expect. A lot of sample code around the web for starting intents looks something like this:

The problem with arises when sometimes Ti.Android.currentActivity doesn’t correctly hold the current activity. When you then attempt to start an…

Continuous Integration Testing an Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application

I’ve recently been looking at unit testing some isolated components for a mobile application I’m working on. Part of the application is a calculations engine which I wanted to test against a known set of sample data and results. There have been many attempts through the community at putting widely accepted testing frameworks throughout the last few years, but none…

Magento 2 Interceptors

A colleague at work told me about the way you can use interceptors in Magento 2 to wrap up before/after functionality of existing classes. This is a pretty good overview of how that works written by Jisse Reitsma.