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Magento SQL Profiler

I’d seen a tweet to Ben Marks this week which detailed an SQL profiler for Magento 1.

How Tube Stations Got Their Name

Pretty interesting post on how some of the more obscurely named stations got their names.

Android Install Older Version of Build Tools

If you need to install an older version of Android’s build tools, you can do so using the below. Search for the SDK version you want:

Which will then give you an indexed list of SDKs:

and then you can install a specific package with the ID:

This blog post helped to discover the way to accomplish…

Magento 2 Glossary

Check #magento2 glossary – and give us feedback. — Max (@maksek_ua) March 19, 2017

Pro Tip: Find All HP Printers on Your Local Network

Using nmap (installable with homebrew) you can run the following to get the IP addresses of all the HP printers on your local network:


Appcelerator Titanium – Set Build Tools Version

If you have a newer version of build tools and need to fix the version currently in use, you can set the following:


Git Tip: Display Contributions per User

You can use the following to display committer name and their contribution counts:

Base64 Encode & Decode on OSX

On OSX you can quickly base64 encode:

and decode files:

AWS Updates Quickstart for Magento 2

Try out our updated Quick Start for Magento 2.1.5 on the AWS Cloud – with Amazon EFS & Amazon ElastiCache! — Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) March 20, 2017

Uber President Quits

Leaving after deciding current events are too much to handle.