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What is a Wharf?

When I went to visit in London last year I took some time to wander around the City as I do most times I’m in London. This particular time I decided to take one of the riverboats down to Greenwich – for a long time now, Greenwich has been one of my favourite places in and around London. While…

Activate Facebook Timeline for Your Profile

If you would like to active Facebook’s new timeline feature for your own profile page, then you can activate it by visiting

Enable Keyboard Repeat in OSX Lion

An odd bug in OSX Lion means that the keyboard repeat rate options in the Keyboard preference pane doesn’t get honoured. To enable this, you can run the following command at a Terminal prompt: defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false Then either logout or restart your machine to force a re-read of the defaults configuration.

Set Your Facebook Username

One of the most often asked questions for me when it comes to Facebook is how administrators of pages and profiles can set usernames. In the past, Facebook haven’t really pushed this feature but in the age where social marketing and name based branding is becoming more important – setting your username is a bonus point when it comes to…

Enable Airdrop for All Macs

Fire up a terminal and enter the following to enable Airdrop on all macs: defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Using the Skype Protocol Handler

A lot of people use Skype now-a-days and one convenient feature is the ability to use the skype:// protocol handler for creating actionable links on the web. Examples of this are to initiate a call, or add a user as a friend. The list below details the types of links that you can use: Action Example Link Result Call User…