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How to De-Register iMessage

This is quick and easy, head over to and fill in your mobile number. It’ll then SMS a code which you need to input into the site and then it’ll deactivate iMessage for that number.

List All Your Digital Ocean Servers IPv4 addresses

List all Digital Ocean servers IPv4 addresses using doctl homebrew package:

AWS S3 Recursively List Bucket Sizes

Recursively list sizes of your AWS buckets using s3cmd:

Simple IP Reverse & Info

Using, you can quickly grab some IP data for the current machine:

This will return you something like:

Apache Set Server Tokens Off

Apache Set Expires Header for Images/CSS

Apache Redirect for Canonical Domain

Namecheap SSL Certificate Combining

Laravel Validation Rules

I’ve noticed over the past few months my usage of the Laravel validation engine has increased a lot. I’ve even used it in some non-Laravel applications just because I’m a fan of the interface. I had the idea of sharing some of the validation rules with the community but there wasn’t too many people doing the same. I created a…