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Simple IP Reverse & Info

Using, you can quickly grab some IP data for the current machine:

This will return you something like:

Apache Set Server Tokens Off

Apache Set Expires Header for Images/CSS

Apache Redirect for Canonical Domain

Namecheap SSL Certificate Combining

Laravel Validation Rules

I’ve noticed over the past few months my usage of the Laravel validation engine has increased a lot. I’ve even used it in some non-Laravel applications just because I’m a fan of the interface. I had the idea of sharing some of the validation rules with the community but there wasn’t too many people doing the same. I created a…

Quick Way to Set Telegram Webhook

I needed a small tool recently to set Telegram webhooks quickly over a few projects. You usually just run a curl command to do this but the format is something you have to remember – this is a lot simpler now. Just head over to to use it.

Docker Based Torrent Client

Easy way to run rtorrent in Docker is using Docktorrent like this:


Writing a Better

A while ago I remember seeing a tweet from Ryan Florence about docuemntation: I think the biggest mistake we all make in docs and tutorials: Not explaining *first* what the goal, or use-case, or desired result is. — Ryan Florence @ 🐙🤖 (@ryanflorence) June 19, 2017 Last week I’d seen that Kent C Dodds had a further point on it,…