Image Licensing

Image licensing fees and information.


If you’ve ended up at this page, chances are you are looking to use an image I’ve created or photo I’ve taken. I offer a simple licensing system for you to use my images within your projects and artwork

There is a flat fee of £159 per use, per image.

For example, if you were planning on using an image for both a website and printed brochure - this would count as two uses. One for the website and one for the brochure. This would be a total cost of £318.00. When ordering permission to use an image and request the full resolution images - you must be clear what the license is covering. If it’s a web project, include the website URL. If it’s a printed brochure then give a client and campaign name to identify it.

In return for your fee, you will be given a non-transferable content use license containing the use cases highlighted above. You do not need to attribute use of the image when a license if purchased.

If you were curious - the most popular images purchased are the fisheye lens and panoramic images.

To get started with your purchase please email and I’ll send you what you need to get going.