BBC World - The Neighbourhood - Modern Living in Mumbai

Indian attitudes to non-married couples makes life unnecessarily hard for them.

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Photo via unsplash

This week on the the BBC Sounds ‘The Documentary’ programmer, they have a small series featured called Neighbourhood. The episode in particular today was talking about you heterosexual couples in Mumbai who have difficulties in finding living accommodation for themselves because they’re not yet married. They end up in the situation where they need to bend the truth about their living situation just so they can live a ‘normal’ life together.

Over the past few years I’ve seen a fair few programmes about various aspects of Indian life and the thing that always surprises me is that they still feel quite a way behind the Western world on how they approach relationships, marriage and their approach to couples who don’t want to follow what the ‘normal’ path of life is.

The world is changing, fast. The run the risk of their top academics seeking life in Europe or the US if they don’t attempt to modernise their viewpoints on key aspects of life.

You can listen to the podcast episode Fake Marriages for Real Homes on the BBC sounds app.