An Open Letter to YNAB

Not everything needs to be a subscription.


Hey, YNAB.

Let me start by stating that I do love YNAB and hate that classic doesn’t work on the new Mac OS.

Having a yearly subscription is a really unpleasant feeling - I know you folks need steady cash flow but software should always be available to purchase as a one-off charge.

I’ve spent plenty on the versions of YNAB over the years but even with a 10% discount it still feels overpriced because you’re forcing us into an environment where we are trapped.

If we could no longer pay for some reason - we’ve now lost access to our financial data. This shouldn’t happen and this isn’t a pleasant feeling for your customers.

Please consider allowing us to purchase one of versions again. Your customers have always been loyal and would happily buy a new version each year but that should be our choice to do so and our choice alone.